Mr. Bear Beard Balm


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60 ml Comes in three fragrances:

Citrus has a delightful scent of freshly picked citrus fruits.

Wilderness has a delightful scent of rolling green hills, lavender and wood.

Woodland has a delightful scent of a fresh summer pine forest.


Made solely from natural oils, like Argan and Jojoba Oil and Shea butter that soften and moisturize beard and skin. Perfect for the everyday styling of your beard. It relieves redness, irritation, and dry skin and gives it a more lush touch. Combine the beard balm with Mr. Bear Family Beard Brews, and give your beard a shine of excellence. 

Comes in three fragrances:

Start by scraping off a small amount of balm from the tin with your fingers. Rub it between your palms until it's easy to handle. Stroke it through your beard and use a comb for the sculpting of your choice. It's easy to wash out using warm water and soap.

Handmade in Gothenburg

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Mr Bear Family have their own production facility in Gothenburg, Sweden, where we produce most of our products. It´s a small batch production of 20 - 500 kg that is operated by our own staff. Product development is done both inhouse and with some help of outside expertise. 

Björn (Mr Bear, who is the founder of Mr Bear Family) develops most of the products in his own lab. By listening to our customers and receiving input and feedback, Björn strives to make products that is not only good for the planet but is also good for the person using them and focusing as much on function as in benefits for the users.