1 Day watch & learn workshop 29 May 2022

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Learn how to cut the classics straight from Vasilis who is not only one of the most important  barber that industry has but is one of the greatest classic barber for sure.

Joy’s Birth 

Joy’s Birth barbershop is an example of how to continue and revive traditions.
Shop is located in Athens, the heart of Greece. Only the charming Nina aka Ginger Witch permits to violate its rule “Men Only”. But we are sure: this girl can win any barber who dares to doubt her haircut skills. 
Everything in Joy’s Birth are reflect our image of ideal barbering: a warm climate allows local customers to make the most interesting cuts, and barbers doing them absolutely cool! Each second pic in ther page looks like advertising for 1950s hair styling. And each one pic is show the way traditional barbershop should be. Joy’s Birth team not only run the barbershop, but also the academy of barbering and grew young generation barbers that want to bring something new into classics.

Knowledge is power! Vasilis was for more than 6 years into teaching and being teached next to great names of hairdressing industry, so after a lot of requests about if Joy’s Birth can teach their method, Vasilis & Panos started Joy’s Birth Education on February 2019.
Everyone can be teached how to cut men’s hair easily. There are millions of academies all over the world but what happens when someone wants to get some specialized, further knowledge and a true taste of old days? In simple words… to LEARN THE CLASSICS! We teach the traditional (our method) of Barbering combining the hairdressing geometry into our work achieving the finest Classic results. ‘’Knowing what you are doing, how and why-not just cutting with your eyes-will give you the most absolute results!’’ 


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Full day of step by step demonstration on two models and recap. Get to know the Joy’s Birth method of classic barbering. 

Time : 9:00 - 17:00